QuillAudits – Community Audit initiative

QuillAudits – Community Audit initiative

QuillAudits – Community Audit initiative

QuillAudits – Community Audit initiative

QuillAudits – Community Audit initiative

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QuillAudits was launched in mid-2018 with a primary aim to secure the Blockchain ecosystem. Throughout the year, we have secured more than 100 smart contracts.

As a gesture to acknowledge the support of the Blockchain community in helping us grow, we are pleased to announce the “Community Audit Initiative”.

Following this initiative, QuillAudits team will choose 1 project each month from the pool of smart contracts and dapps based on Ethereum and EOS to audit their smart contract or dapp code without any cost.

A dire need –

As Preetam Rao, Co-Founder of Quillhash quotes,

When it comes to Blockchain and Smart contracts, everybody thinks it is secure. But it’s not. There are millions of dollars flowing through each smart contract and they are vulnerable. We have seen smart contracts getting hacked in the past. Security of smart contracts should not be taken for granted and for each developer or a team launching a smart contract that is or is about to be in possession of a large amount of money, is in the obligation of a security audit.

Smart contracts are the essence of all Ethereum and EOS based dApps , deFi , protocols , blockchain games, crypto collectibles, and Token Sales. They’re code designed to enforce a set of rules autonomously and are immutable once deployed on the blockchain. This intrinsic quality makes smart contracts reliable and trustless, but also gives only one shot to make it right.

Now the core qualities of smart contracts have gained huge attention of developers all around the world. As a result, by the beginning of this year, we already have over 1,000,000 smart contracts deployed on Ethereum and total number of Ethereum, EOS, and Other DApps reaches over 2600 ( a large chunk of those accounting as games ).

A large chunk of these contracts and projects are led by solo developers or projects are not externally funded. It is difficult for these projects to arrange funds to get a good quality audit done from a third party auditor.

QuillAudits’ Community Audit initiative will support individuals and teams aspiring to create substantial impact for the community and having fundamental utility to develop their projects more effectively.


QuillAudits initiative is open to apply for all dApps, games, smart contracts, tokens based on Ethereum and EOS. The only criteria are to have a real utility.

As Rajat Gahlot, Co-Founder of Quillhash quotes,

Blockchain is a worldwide phenomenon with immense opportunities in all sectors. We promise to support individual developers or teams from all over the globe with vision to bring utility to our ecosystem and help the ecosystem grow and make the world a better place. QuillAudits Community audit initiative is to help them move one step closer to their vision.

In recent months, we have seen a huge decline in projects receiving external funding due to various reasons. This has resulted in a state where investors are hesitant to fund the projects that are in the development phase.

QuillAudits Community Audit initiative will support such projects who are in the development phase by providing good quality audit service without any cost.

There are already a few beneficiaries of the initiative. One of them is the Infiniverse project based on EOS platform.

Community Audit Rules  – 

QuillAudits team will choose One Project each month for a Free Detailed Audit –

    • Applications are accepted from 1st to 30th of current running month.
    • The result is announced on 5th of the following month.
    • Detailed Audit Report is made live on 15th of the following month.

Find more details here -  https://audits.quillhash.com/smart-contract-audit

Source -

At QuillHash, we understand the Potential of Blockchain and have a good team of developers who can develop any blockchain applications like Smart Contracts, dApps,Smart Coins, DeFi, DEX on the any Blockchain Platform like Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger.

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