QuillAudits Red Team As A Service: All You Need To Know

QuillAudits Red Team As A Service: All You Need To Know

QuillAudits Red Team As A Service: All You Need To Know

QuillAudits Red Team As A Service: All You Need To Know

QuillAudits Red Team As A Service: All You Need To Know

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The Web3 world has witnessed growth in leaps and bounds compared to how it was all a decade ago. As we delve into the opportunities brought by web3, the existential hacks and scams in space startle people who want to indulge in web3 activities.

The prodigious loss of about $500M to the web3 exploits in the first quarter of 2023 underscores the vulnerable side of Web3. However, security concerns cannot weigh down the potential of web3. Rather it emphasises the urgent need for proactive solutions. 

Considering that QuillAudits has launched the Quill Red team(QRT), an initiative to establish a new standard in web3 security. 

What Is Red Teaming?

Red team simulations play the most crucial role in defending the web3 venture from a wide range of prevalent cyberattacks. It identifies vulnerabilities related to technology, people and the whole system. 

The Red team act rigorously in spotting the breach path, breaking the security defense of the system. They function as white-hat hackers and launch an attack on the project to find the areas where the depths of security must be improved.

Targeted attacks are contained within, and remediations are charted to improve the project’s security standards. 

How Is Red Team Different From Regular Penetration Testing?

Although both aim to validate the security posture, their methodologies differ. 

Pentesting uses previously discovered vulnerabilities from attacks and studies the risks based on those lines. The team performs a systematic code check, privacy check, etc., to evaluate the efficiency and reliability of project security. 

Whereas the red team disrupts the system security and breaks into accessing their confidential information. Red team mimic the action of a hacker and examine the security in a more realistic way.

Background Of QRT

QRT stands for Quill Red Team(QRT). The Quill Red team consists of infield expertise assessing the security of the project by simulating real-world attacks. They are a robust team of external auditors, in-house auditors and novice developers mastered by elite professionals in the industry. 

What QRT Aims To Solve?

The consequence of web3 exploits takes down the trust of people in web3 besides the loss of millions in funds. That indicates the dire need for web3 projects to be reviewed by cybersecurity experts to test their strength against threat vectors. Doing so also increases the credibility of the project and gains the investor’s trust. 

But startups and developing projects who feel affording traditional auditing would break the bank can look up to QRT as an alternative. QRT as a Service, is designed to make security available for a wide range of organisations. 

QRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution paving the way for altering it to the specific business needs. Each business has got its priority when opting for security services, like budget, time period and so on. The best part is that QRT can be personalised to meet the unique requirements of the organisation.

QRTs’ Unique Selling Proposition

  • The diverse team of security experts from different arenas, including the in-house and external auditors
  • A comprehensive approach to identifying the threat vulnerabilities 
  • Proven track record of securing over 850 projects, 800+ lines of code and $16B in digital assets.
  • QuillAudits is recognized and trusted by big shots of the web3 industry, such as Polygon, Gameloft, Flipkart, etc.
  • Pushing the limits of systems’ security defence by simulating real-world attacks and hunting down vulnerabilities
  • Personalized solution offering within the budget

Who Would Require QRT As A Service?

  • The audited project can take up QRT as a preventive measure to keep a security watch on the project at all times post-auditing 
  • Businesses looking for cost-effective yet reliable auditing alternatives
  • Blockchain developers who want to do a security check on their project before deploying on the mainnet
  • VCs who want security analysis done before investing in the so-called promising project
  • Clients who require comprehensive auditing and prolonged security check at competitive pricing
  • Early-stage projects that have budget constraints but still don’t want to compromise on security can take up QRT at affordable pricing

Benefits Brought To You By QRT

Direct contact with the team: In bug bounty programs, communication between the hackers and clients is mostly out of reach. But QRT has direct communication channels for clients and the Red team to interact effectively. 

Faster Turnaround time: Red team experts conduct thorough testing within the stipulated time and produce reports on vulnerabilities to clients. This is unlike bug bounty programs, where the wait times are longer since it involves participants from various corners.

Pricing perks: QRT is built to make security services easy to access for anyone. Straightforward pricing makes it reliable for clients to acquire services within their budget. 

Tailored to fit the business: Every project has its own specifications and requirements. QRT understands business concerns and follows a personalised approach in delivering the service as per the need.

Check out QRT Service or connect with our experts to bring up a secure web3 project to life now with our QRT as a service.


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