Win Web3 In Style: Graviton Volume 2 Awaits Ambitious Founders!

Win Web3 In Style: Graviton Volume 2 Awaits Ambitious Founders!

Win Web3 In Style: Graviton Volume 2 Awaits Ambitious Founders!

Win Web3 In Style: Graviton Volume 2 Awaits Ambitious Founders!

Win Web3 In Style: Graviton Volume 2 Awaits Ambitious Founders!

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As the Asian web3 market garners attention, piercing through the blockchain industry’s elite 1% might seem formidable, particularly amidst the flux of the current bear market. Nevertheless, for the truly devoted and visionary founders, Graviton’s upcoming second cohort beckons as a golden ticket to exponential growth. Interested in how? Let’s unveil.

Graviton’s Distinct Edge: Why it Stands Out?

  1. A Beacon for the Best: Graviton isn’t just another accelerator; it’s a renowned web3-centric platform that welcomes innovators across various sectors.
  2. An Engaging 16-week Odyssey: Once aboard, you embark on an enriching 16-week expedition, encompassing both digital and in-person sessions in Bangalore. Tailored to steer you adeptly through the dynamic currents of the web3 space, it ensures you’re never adrift.
  3. Guidance, not Just Guidelines: Graviton believes in active mentorship over passive instruction. Here, you’re paired with seasoned mentors and an arsenal of resources, supporting you in every facet – from product conceptualization to market penetration.
  4. The Incentive to Innovate: A significant $100K grant pool, tied to specific KPIs, promises not just funding but also purposeful utilization, leading to tangible growth.
  5. Backed by the Best: Graviton’s ethos thrives on collaboration, making it a formidable force in the South Asian web3 ecosystem. With an ensemble of VC syndicates and tech magnates, startups are equipped with unmatched grant opportunities, insights, and technical prowess.

A Look Back at Triumphs

The debut Graviton cohort set high benchmarks, with startups spanning across DeFi, gaming, and more. Its Demo Day garnered attention from global VCs, spanning 16 countries, a testament to its efficacy.

Ensuring You Fit the Bill: Eligibility

Before setting your sights on Graviton, ensure you:

  1. Have your roots in India, South East Asia, or the Middle East (India / APAC / UAE).
  2. Represent an early-stage venture with a low or high-fidelity MVP.
  3. Are pioneering a product in the web3 arena, be it DeFi, gaming, wallets, or alike.
  4. Command a full-time, motivated team that’s unwavering in its mission.

Ace Your Graviton Journey: Key Takeaways

  1. Forge a Robust Founder Ethos: Be not just an attendee, but a visionary, open to insights.
  2. Embrace Fluidity: In the dynamic web3 world, adaptability is your strongest ally.
  3. Speed with Strategy: As you navigate Graviton’s 16-week program, fuse agility with accuracy.
  4. Chalk Out Clear Milestones: Harness Graviton’s vast resources by defining precise goals.
  5. Demonstrate Real Progress: Beyond visions, Graviton values tangible results and validations.
  6. Build Bridges: Networking is the cornerstone. Engage, learn, and iterate with your cohort.
  7. Resilience is Key: In the oscillating web3 market, relentless determination distinguishes you.

Ready to journey with Graviton’s Volume 2? Take the Leap Today or point a promising founder this way: Graviton Volume 2 Application.

Insider Tip: An early move promises an edge, as initial applications receive precedence. Embrace this opportunity to sculpt the future of web3 alongside Graviton!

The Importance of Security: A Note on QuillAudits

While Graviton provides the mentorship and resources to scale your web3 startup, it’s crucial not to overlook the security aspects of your project. QuillAudits specializes in smart contract audits, ensuring that your blockchain project is free from vulnerabilities that could compromise its integrity. With the increasing complexity of smart contracts and DeFi protocols, a thorough audit from a trusted provider like QuillAudits can differentiate success and failure.


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